Oregon Wage and Hour Claims
Wage And Hour Claims In Oregon

To ensure that workers are paid a fair wage, the federal government and the Oregon state government have laws in place which establish various wage requirements, such as the minimum wage and the rules regarding overtime. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is the federal law on these wage and hour issues.

Helping Workers Secure A Fair Wage

At Preston & Brar LLC, our attorneys help workers fight for the pay they deserve under the law. We have more than 25 years of combined experience that we rely on to expose the ways our clients have been taken advantage of

by their employers. Our skill in building highly effective cases allows us to recover wages which our clients should have been paid as well as liquidated damages and attorney fees.

We are experienced at building claims under the FLSA as well as all applicable Oregon laws.

Wage And Hour Claims Generally Fall Into One Of The Following Categories:

Not receiving  Overtime

Not being paid the  Minimum Wage

Inappropriate calculation of overtime

Being asked to work through meal or rest breaks (even passive tasks such as watching a machine are work which an employee should be paid for)

Being  misclassified  as exempt from receiving overtime pays

Experienced Class Action Lawsuit Representation

Few workers who are taken advantage of by their employers are alone. We are skilled at crafting class action lawsuits which can tie together the claims of all similarly affected workers at a particular employer.

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